Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Last Frontier by Uche Okpa-Iroha

He left his fatherland to somewhere called Saudi Arabia (they said) it was for the "Lesser Hajj" and medical check up. Lo, it ended up being a National Health Crisis (they said it was acute perica-something) or whatever.

It became a national quagmire; Oh, poor Nigerians! As concerned as they were and cried to see their beloved RULER (correction, leader). He was announced dead by the western media…confusion and more chaos. Poor little countrymen boiled; had he been kidnapped? No, only “receiving medical treatment”. Could it be that he is still on the ‘LESSER’?

Some people used the opportunity of his absence to take over the country; put it right in their armpit (they said it was the CABAL). Yes the inglorious. Fire and brimstone let loose, and poor countrymen were disheartened.

Some people refused to obey the dicta of that big piece of paper (they said it is called our CONSTITUTION). Crazy people! Na wah oh! (As they say).

Day after day, week after week, month after month, finally our beloved RULER (sorry, servant -leader) spoke to a western media house, just for a few seconds (sorry, MINUTES).

More confusion and wahala. That group called the CABAL devised a plan, hatched it and more confusion (they said he is playing squash and jogging for 15 seconds (sorry again, 15 MINUTES).

A ray of hope appeared when some ‘tomato and lily-livered ‘Ogas’ and ‘Madams’ could not act. A Lioness, bold and fearless sprung up. She single-handedly saved the Nation. She spoke her mind. No ox was gored (but some cried LYNCH HER!). This Country na wah oh!

Coup? Coup? The CABAL took over the airport. With immediate effect, airport lights were lowered and Oga 1 is brought in under the cover of darkness. Haba!

Another twist to the whole macabre story then began. Haba! A country so blessed and endowed yet wallowing in poverty cried FOUL! Scheme after scheme, tact after tact, they plotted, but eventually, the CABAL collapsed. Oga-Madam 1 refused to vacate the PALACE but now has no choice. God na God.

Let me save you the time; I too am ‘FINDING REST’, crossing invisible frontiers hoping to make a difference.

The Country is moving forward again, hopefully towards GENUINE NATIONHOOD AND GREATNESS. Could this be THE LAST FRONTIER we have to cross as a people towards a unified, peaceful and prosperous Nation? I HOPE!


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