Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Images from Cotonou

"Why The Tie?" by Chidinma Nnorom

"Here comes Snow White" by Lucy Azubuike

"Here is Wole - Here is the Audience" at the "Espace Tchif in Cotonou. Photo by Amaize Ojeikere

"No harrassment" by Adenike Ojeikere

"Phantom" by Ray Daniels Okeugo

"Making Head or Tail of food" by Unoma Giese

"White Cross" by Emeka Okereke. village near Agatogbo on the highway between Grand Popo and Hillaconji.

"Untiled photo" by Charles Okereke. Cotonou.

"Untitled" by Charles Okereke. Tokpa Xoxo, cotonou.

"Finding Rest" by Uche Okpa-Iroha. Central City of Cotonou

"Finding Rest" one of Uche Okpa's conceptual creations he sets out to explore during this trip. Central city of Cotonou.

"Shine Shine Bobo". Near Seme Border Cotonou. Photo: Emeka Okereke

Images from Lomé

"Untitled 2" by Charles Okereke. Lomé, Togo.

"Untitled" by Charles Okereke. Lome, Togo

"Iseku" by Ray Daniels Okeugo

"Payer avant de Manger" by Ray Daniels Okeugo. Bld du 13 Janvier, Lome

"Finding Rest Series" by Uche Okpa Iroha. Ave. du 13 Janvier, Lomé.

"The sky and The Earth Underneath" by Amaize Ojeikere

"Clusters-Crack" by Amaize Ojeikere

"Strength In Numbers" by Emeka Okereke

"Lakpo" by Emeka Okereke

"Bus in Flight" by Emeka Okereke
"Highway Concern" by Chidnma Nnorom

"Ghis Chic" by Adenike Ojeikere

"We Said It" by Lucy Azubuike

"No Shaking" by Lucy Azubuike